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Video production. Video strategy. That’s 100% what we do.


Ignite Cinemas is a Stafford Virginia-based video production company that’s bringing forward-thinking video marketing strategy to businesses and brands.

We create strategic video packages that are designed to enhance the existing marketing funnels and sales systems of our business clients.

Our team works hand-in-hand with yours to act as your dedicated video department.

We learn everything there is to know about your company, your values, your team, your systems, and your processes, to make sure we’re creating the videos that are going to pull the biggest levers for helping your business grow.


Our mission is driven by a desire to use our passion for video purposefully. We recognized that the most fulfilling and meaningful work came from helping businesses make a genuine impact in their communities. By partnering with these businesses, we knew that our video expertise could IGNITE their message and enable them to reach and help more people. It became our mission to support and empower these businesses through the power of video, knowing that our work was contributing to a greater good.


Since we started in 2018, we’ve called the region of Stafford, FXBG, & Spotsylvania our home. We’re proud to be a Virginia video production company, having created hundreds of videos for our clients in the region and surrounding areas.


As your dedicated video department, we start every project with a strategy-first approach. Our process is based on a 360-degree understanding of your business- we need to learn everything about how you and your ideal customers operate. Every video project starts with a Deep Dive Session, where we’ll meet with you and the key members of your team to interview you about your values, motivations, services and programs, processes, customer habits, and more. We organize all the information we need into workbooks and frameworks we’ve created to keep your video projects consistently aligned.

Once we have that deep level of understanding about your business, then we begin producing and editing your videos.


  • Ease: We prioritize keeping things as easy as possible throughout each step of our process.

  • Communication: We emphasize openly communicating both wins and struggles.

  • Curiosity: We do our best work when exploring beneath the surface level, asking questions.

  • Integrity: We only create videos we believe will make impact, and we’ll tell you if you don’t need us.

  • Empathy: We need to understand, in order to create videos that truly resonate with the right people.

  • Speed: We focus on getting our clients’ videos back to them and into use as quickly as possible.



For starters, we never hit “record” until we know there’s a purpose for a video. We don’t pitch videos that don’t make sense, and our focus is on building high-performance videos that can IGNITE your brand & business.

This allows us to focus only on the videos that are going to make impact for your company.

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